This technique would clean the aura of any harmful energy, energy toxins or unwanted  energies which are attached to aura.

The Healing Wand will remove only the negative energy and keep all the positive energy in the aura

Once the aura is clean, natural energy will flow smoothly and rectify any problems in the physical body. The body will begin to heal and rejuvenate itself.

To Clean  the aura Stand before the patient and then take at least 3 big steps backwards away from the patient. Think of the person as a big board.

Hold the Healing Wand high in your hand and focusing on the person, make horizontal movements starting from top, left to right and right to left as if you were erasing a blackboard. Slowly zig zag down when you reach the waist, bend/ lower the wand slightly without bending yourself and clean the lower aura and now go up in a similar fashion and back to the top. This would complete 1 round of aura cleansing

Aura is all around the body extending above the head and going down below the feet. Therefore, Aura has to be cleaned on all 4 sides of the body- front, back, left side and right side

The wand should always face the patient when doing aura cleansing.


BACK                                                           RIGHT                                                LEFT                                               FRONT