The subtle energy/ prana flows in the aura just as the blood flows in the internal body. Any disruption or block in the flow of energy will result in pain, discomfort or disease in the physical body.

If a person is negative by nature or if he has a weak aura , then his the aura will absorb more negative energy. Aura needs to be cleaned of toxic energy,  stagnant energy and other kinds of dirty energy which it can absorb from the environment . If aura is not cleaned, it will adversely affect the overall health of a person. A clean and healthy aura would result in a strong , immune and healthy physical body.

Type of Negative Energies which can be found in aura are-

Black Magic & White Magic ( Can be from Past lives also), Curse, Occult Energy, Spell, Dark Energy, Gray Energy, Black Energy, Evil eye

1] Souls (Can be from past lives also)

2] Entities

  • Negative emotional entities like entities of anger, fear, revenge etc
  • Entities of smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling
  • Entities created by some tantra- mantra practices

3] Negative Elementals

4] Negative emotions like disappointments, frustrations, anxiety, worries, fear of death etc

5] Past life traumas  eg unexplained fear of water, heights, fire, snakes etc