Sense the ENERGY BODY before Aura cleansing

The patient should not be wearing any crystals, amulets etc

         Stand before the patient. Ask the name of the patient. Mentally divide the patient’s body into four equal parts. With the sensing end of the wand , lightly touch the upper arm and in your mind say 3 times  “I am sensing the Energy Body of ( Name of patient)”  making a soul connection. Now start moving the wand to the right and feel it stop by itself or a certain heaviness stopping it.This is the measure of  the Energy Body of the person. Sense on all four parts- upper left, lower left ( lightly touching the lateral side of thigh), upper right, lower right

The energy body has to be same /balanced on all four sides and for a normal person should measure about 2-3 feet. If not balanced or going very far then we have to do Aura cleansing.