It cleans and balances the flow of energy in the three main Nadis: Pingala Nadi, Ida Nadi and Sushumna Nadi . It removes blocks from these nadis so that the energy can freely and smoothly flow through the entire nadi network enabling the body to heal faster and stay healthy

 Healer– stand behind the patient and with right hand going over the right shoulder of patient, hold the wand at the ajna chakra about 3 inches away from the body, slowly move over the right eyebrow making a semicircle till you come behind the right ear, stop and now go down in a straight line on the right side of the spine moving on pingala nadi till the level of tailbone.

Here move left and making a U-turn, now move upwards along the left side of the spine on the ida nadi till you reach behind the left ear and stop.Now turn the wand in a semi circle over the left eyebrow and stop at the ajna.

This completes 1 round of pingala and ida balancing. Repeat 3 times.

After 3 rounds, keep the wand at ajna and move the wand over the head along the central line down the spine till the tailbone and go back along the same route and stop at ajna.

This is 1 round of Sushumna balancing. Repeat 3 times .

This completes the process of Ida-Pingala-Sushumna Balancing ( nadi balancing)

IMPORTANT- The symbol on the wand must always face the body.