Cords Can Create Blocks In Different Areas Of a Person’s Life Like

  1. Healing of health problems
  2. Marriage
  3. Consummation of marriage
  4. Conceiving
  5. Relationships- with spouse, with family members
  6. Job, Career, growth in career
  7. Business
  8. Success
  9. Prosperity
  10. Studies
  11. Buying, selling, renting out property etc
  12. Spiritual Growth and Connection to Creator( in case of White Magic Cord)

Sometimes cords may not be there but the blocks may still be found in the aura. These blocks can be  due to your own negative thoughts called as SELF BLOCK  or these blocks can be due to the negative thoughts or negative attitude of others. Blocks can come knowingly and even unknowingly without the other person realising that his words or thoughts are capable of creating a block.

Example 1– A woman may have fear to get married as her mind can be holding information of  brides being burnt for dowry by in laws family . This fear can create a self block in her marriage.

Example 2– A person is not very confident of his work knowledge and working capacity, this low self confidence can create a self block in his getting a job.

Example 3– A husband may be required  to move to another city on a promotion but wife wants him to be with her and not leave her alone, this can create a block in husband’s promotion.