There is another subtle body known as the CAUSAL BODY which does not lie in the physical plane. It is in another higher plane and is the seat of our Higher Soul. It is beyond sensing.

It is the Karma Bank, storehouse of all the karmas that a person has gathered in all the lives which his soul has ever lived. After Death the soul along with all the subtle bodies will become concentrated and join the Causal body and then the soul will be re-born into a new physical body depending on his karmic account.

Every person has a Divine Cord/ Silver Cord which connects him to the Supreme Light the Creator via the Causal body. It is like a beam of light and this light will become narrower or broader depending on your connection to God.

There is another beam of light superimposing over the Divine Cord coming from Creator to our Crown area and it is called Antahkarna or God’s connection to us. Antahkarna size will also change depending whether God is connecting to you in order to use you as his instrument and to what extent.

With the PHW we can easily sense Divine Cord and Antahkarna of a person.The size of these two cords can vary from time to time depending on you thoughts and emotions.