Before checking for cords, ask the patient to read Forgiveness Affirmation – Page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as per the applicability after which we check for cords. Forgiveness Affirmation is to be read for all concerned persons whether living or dead.

Place the wand near the Solar Chakra and check the Energy of Solar Chakra.

  • If it stops at the same length as the Energy Body it would mean chakra energy is fine.
  • If it stops at a distance less than the Energy Body, it would mean chakra is depleted or chakra has low energy.
  • If it is moving beyond 10 feet ask in your mind – is this a cord- if it still moves it indicates a cord. If it stops it would indicate No cord but only a block in the chakra.

We check all chakras in a similar fashion in the order- Solar, Heart, Navel, Throat, Sex, Brow/ Ajna, Root and Crown

If a cord is found on the chakra find out if cord is coming in or going out from the energy body.

Identify the person involved and ask patient to read relevant Forgiveness Affirmation for that person. Check the energy of chakra again and if no cord now, you need to condition the chakra.

Wherever the wand stops beyond the energy body, show the healing side to that chakra and start healing the chakra by moving the wand in a circular clockwise motion 5 times then stopping and showing at the centre of Chakra to the count of 5, repeating this cycle a few times moving towards the patient. Check chakra again. The energy should be same as the Energy Body. If not then repeat this process till the energy of Chakra becomes equal to the length of Energy Body.

Now check the size of the chakra. The size may be too big, repeat above process by making circle of the same diameter as the chakra’s diameter and slowly reduce the size of circle with each cycle. Check size after 3 rounds of healing. Do till the chakra size does not change anymore after above doing the above cycle. That would be the normal size of that chakra.

The chakra is now conditioned