Healing Procedure For People Who Have Wands

  1. To make the energy connection with the patient, touch the patient with the healing wand at the left arm area by saying I am sensing the energy body of ( mention the name) (to be done silently and repeat it for 3X). This is to make an energy connection with the soul. Be humble and caring when you do this.
  2. Move the wand until you feel a heaviness stopping the wand. Once you have got this then proceed to sense the energy body at the arm area i.e  upper left , upper right and then at the thigh area lower thigh area i.e lower left and lower right area.
  3. If not within 2 to 3 feet then go to step (4)
  4. If energy body is more than 2 feet do the aura cleansing. Aura cleansing should be done on all 4 sides of the body. After one cycle of aura cleansing recheck the energy body on all 4 energy body area, if still larger than 2 to 3 feet then do another aura cleansing. Recheck.
  5. Do the ida-pingala balancing.
  6. Sense the energy body again should be between 2 to 3 feet. This should be on all the four sector ( upper right & left and lower right & left )
  7. If the upper right  & left are not balanced then repeat the ida pinggala until energy body is balanced.
  8. If the upper right and left are balanced but the lower right and left are not balanced do step 9
  9. Locate the root chakra and condition it. After that sense the lower right and left sector and it should be balanced.
  10. After the aura cleansing and ida-pinggala balancing the aura should be within 2 to 3 feet. If  more, then the patient may be having a lot of negative cords that need to be removed.
  11. Ask the patient to read the forgiveness affirmation pages  2, 3 (+ 4,5 if married), (+ 7 if divorced or had boyfriend or bad relationship ) and (+ 6 to all staff working together or even to neighbors ). Reading pages 2 and 3 is a must.
  12. Check for cords and blocks in the solar plexus chakra first then the other area. Cords can also be at other areas such as area of pain and on organs.
  13. If no cords are found then proceed to conditioning the chakra ( step 22 onwards)
  14. If the cords exist then find if the cord is coming in or going out.
  15. Find the number of cords that exist in that area.
  16. Find the origin of the cords by asking question silently within you such “ is it from family,from inlaw family, is it work related, from outside, etc
  17. Then you can ask if the cords if from a lady or man, you can also ask the race of the originator of that cord then this would make it easier for the patient to narrow down who this person would be.
  18. Once the preliminary identification of the origination of the cords has been done then ask the patient to think of one person and ask if the cord is from this person. If the cord is not from that person the wand will stop and not go beyond the energy body. If the cord was from that person then the wand will move and move away from the energy body and beyond.
  19. Then the patient must read the forgiveness affirmation page 6.
  20. Check for cords; if the cord still exists then ask the patient to read page 7
  21. In the event after reading the affirmation on page 7 and the cord is still there ask if that cord is a grey / black / white  magic cord.
  22. Grey / Black magic can be located on the solar plexus chakra and all the other chakras as well. White magic would be located on the ajna and crown chakra only.
  23. If yes, ask the patient to read the affirmation and read the spiritual affirmation and contact Prana Violet Healing for the removal of the black magic. The patient will not be able to get  healed until the grey / black / white  magic is removed.
  24. Check also for white magic on the ajna chakra or the crown chakra.
  25. The white magic can be easily removed by reading the I AM affirmation and regularly reading the I am a being of divine fire affirmation.
  26. Once all the cords are removed then start to condition the chakras. It’s important that all the cords are removed in order to proceed further into step 27
  27. Start conditioning of all the chakras with the following chakras order.

Front Solar Plexus, Heart, Navel, Throat, Sex and Ajna

Back Solar Plexus, Heart, Navel, Throat, Base and back Ajna

Root, Sole, Palm and Crown. Finally the

Lowermost Chakra

  1. Check the size of the chakras , normal person would have their chakras as follows -major chakra would be between 8 to 10 inch, minor chakras would be between 4 to 5 inch and mini chakra would be between 1 to 2 inch.
  1. You can condition the chakra at anytime even if they are of normal size. The size when over-activated can be as big as 6 feet Or as small as 1inch when under-activated.
  2. To condition the chakra you will need to check for the size of the chakra and then use the wand at the end of the outer ring of the chakra and turn the wand in a clockwise direction for 5 circles and then bring the wand to the center of the chakra and hold 5 counts.
  3. Recheck the size and repeat step 30 until the size of that chakra is conditioned to the regular size.
  4. Repeat until the patient show relief in the condition. You can even ask the patient like let’s say the starting pain was 10 before healing and now how  much has it reduced to during the healing process ?

 Other Non-Chakra Pain Area

  1. Then ask the patient which other area of the body has pain ?
  2. Check the energy body at that area and then heal that area. You will have to start at the end of the energy body area which would much larger or energy would have been built up there. Heal that area until the energy comes back to level of the energy body. The patient would feel relief in that area at least to 80 to 90% of the pain. Frequent healing at that place would ensure total relief of pain in that area.
  3. For long term ailments such as diabetes, liver related problem, asthma etc then the related organ need to be healed with the wand. Each organ can be sensed and healed separately, prior to that the chakra located closest to the organ needs to be conditioned as well.
  4. When all the chakras have been conditioned to the natural size for that patient then we can energize the spleen chakra. Hold the wand at the energy body of the spleen chakra and rotate the wand for 10 cycles and bring the wand to the center of the spleen chakra for 10 counts. You can now check the energy body and you will find an increase in the size of the energy body.