It is the 3rd level of aura and reflects our strong beliefs, thoughts and convictions which cannot be easily shaken or changed eg.  religious fanaticism.

The aura starts from within the physical body and extends outwards thus can be said to interpenetrate the internal body and extending beyond the physical visible body

Animals, plants, fruits, food, water, etc also have an aura, even our planet Earth has an aura of its own.

3 Parts of aura Aura inside & outside Physical Body

  Can AURA be SEEN ?

  • Some people are born with the gift of clairvoyance and they can seethe aura .

One can develop the power of clairvoyance through spirituality and certain spiritual practices.

  • Kirlian photography can be used to take picture of the aura.

But it is to be remembered that colour of the aura is the state of your thoughts and emotions at that moment and will change as your emotions change

  • The aura can be sensed with the Prana Healing Wand

There may be many more subtle bodies around a human physical body apart from above three but in our healing system we sense these three main bodies and heal them as required