Prana Violet Healing conducts the following courses


1] Prana Violet Healing ( Basic )

              This is our basic course and one has to attend this before doing our further courses. We will give you Healing Wands and will   teach you how to use PHW to sense aura and to do healing. You need to practise after that to improve your sensing skills. The more you practise more sensitive you will become to subtle energies and sensing will become very easy for. Here we learn to work on the Energy Body and heal physical problems

2] Prana Violet Healing ( Advanced )

                 We will teach you how to check organs and their chakras and minor chakras and mini chakras related to each organ

3] Food

              We teach you how to find out with the help of Wand what food is good for you and what is not good for you .You can even find if your body is acidic, alkaline or neutral and to choose food accordingly by sensing with wand

4] Emotional Freedom Healing

               This is an advanced course where we teach you how to find out the negative emotions in the astral body and who is the cause of these emotions  and how it is affecting your physical, emotional and mental health and how to remove these negative emotions. You will also learn to find out other types of negative energies in your astral and mental body and also to check the chakras of astral and mental bodies  and heal accordingly.

5] Prosperity

            We teach you how to check your prosperity energy, to find out if there are any blocks in career or business and prosperity, whether the name of your business is suitable etc, how to remove these blocks and  once blocks are removed, how to increase and maintain your prosperity

6] Black Magic & Psychic Attack

            This course relates to the theoretical knowledge of Psychic Attacks, Evil eye, Dark Energies, Curses and spells, Black Magic and Occult energy , White Magic etc and how these energies are generated.

               It is important to know this because we are living in a society where all these energies are existing in some or the other form though may be known by different names in different parts of the world. During the course of our Healing we have found many people affected because of these invisible energies without their even being aware of it.

              In ancient cultures, lot of rituals, sacrifices and invocations were practised and it was a way of life in those days and we are still continuing with many of those practices and beliefs though times have changed, people and their mindsets have changed hence the impact of these ancient practices have also changed.

              We do not teach how to remove Black Magic. We are  just making you aware so that you can find out if you are under any kind of Psychic Attack. We will heal you and teach you how to protect yourself from them.

7] Art of Dying

              This course is all about the journey of your soul ,  its purpose in this lifetime and when the time comes to leave the body , how to die properly so that your soul can go to its proper destination and reincarnate as per your karmic plan and not hang around here in the physical realm.

8] To Become a teacher of  Prana Violet Healing



9] Women Only Workshop


10] Workshop for Autism Spectrum Disorder


 We will teach you how to become a teacher of Prana Violet healing if you agree to abide by our Guidelines and have a passion to be of selfless service to others.