Preparation for removing Black Magic / Occult Energy and Elevation of Souls from Energy, Astral and Mental Body, Homes and Places that could be Inhabited by Negative Energy.

When the black magic, occult energy and souls are detected or suspected on the energy body, astral body and mental body, homes and places-  

  1. Please download the Forgiveness Affirmation and the Spiritual Affirmation from our website and the patient must read the relevant  Affirmations
  2. Married persons please read Forgiveness affirmation page 2,3,4&5 and unmarried persons read page 2&3.
  3. If person is working then also read page 6 and in the name area  please say to “all the persons whom I have worked with ”.
  4. For people who have separated or divorced read page 7.
  5. The forgiveness affirmation should be read 3 times day for 3 days before getting in touch with us.
  6. In the Spiritual Affirmation read page 1,2,3&4 for 3 times a day as well.

Upon completion of this contact us on skype pranaviolethealing or viber +60193884504  or +60122988523 or send us an sms or email