Please contact Prana violet healing at or skype id pranaviolethealing for an appointment only If  The White Magic Does Not Go Off and only after step (6).

  1. When the white magic is detected on the energy body, astral body and mental body, the indication of a white magic would be an attached cord on the crown and/ or ajna chakra.
  2. The patient must read the relevant forgiveness affirmation and then identify who has been responsible for this negative energy.
  3. Ask the patient to  read  the ‘I Am’ affirmation and  the ‘I Am Light’ affirmation ( page 2& 3 of Spiritual Affirmation)
  4. Check if the white magic is still there or gone.
  5. If the white magic does not go then find out who these cords are from, it can be a guru or an organization. Identify the source of the white magic.
  6. Read page 7 of the forgiveness affirmation to this person or organization and recheck, if the cords is still there then make an appointment with Prana Violet Healing to assist in the removal of the white magic.
  7. The patient should sit on a chair and another chair must be placed about 6 feet away facing the patient.
  8. The patient should sit with the hands facing upwards placed on the thigh.
  9. The patient should visualize the person or organization who has been identified for the cause of the problem sitting on the chair in front.
  10. The patient should close the eyes, do 3 to 4 deep inhaling and exhaling.
  11. The patient must now deep inside him say “ Please forgive  if we have knowingly or unknowingly connected to you  in any way “ Keep repeating this for 3 min”
  12. After this please check the patient for any white magic..