Chakra means a ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. Chakras were discovered in ancient times by Indian Yogis who were clairvoyant. Chakras were seen as rotating vortices of energy located on the subtle body connected via network of nadis to the physical body.

Chakras are like Power Transformers that transmit Prana into the physical body through NADIS or MERIDIANS.

Movement of a normal chakra – When you stand before a person / behind a person and look at the person , the chakras  would be seen as  moving in a clockwise direction.

Chakras can be classified into

  • Major Chakras
  • Minor Chakras
  • Mini Chakras
  • Sub-mini Chakras
  • Organ Chakras
  • Chakras of nadi points

Chakras in Prana violet Healing may be different from chakra information available from other sources. We have found each of these chakras by using a pendulum made of simple thread and tissue paper and confirmed their position with the Wand

Position of chakras – We have found that Chakras are present on the subtle bodies at the different layers of aura and not on the spine as stated in many textsAs we know that the aura has 3 layers so there is a  corresponding chakra present at each aura layer – Largest chakra at  Mental body , smaller one at the Astral body , still smaller one at the Energy Body and this chakra energy would finally meet at a point on the spine.This holds true for all the chakras on the front side  body and back side body. For example Front Solar chakra and back solar chakra would meet at the same point on the spine and likewise for other chakras.

Shape of Chakras – chakras look like wheels but as they move from outer layer of aura towards the point on spine they take the shape of a funnel.

Size of Chakras – Chakras have different sizes depending on their type whether it is major, minor,  mini etc. Size will normally range from 2 – 8 inches in diameter but in some cases can be biggeer.  It is not necessary that a person will have all major chakras of same size.  If a person is very spiritual his crown chakra may be bigger than his sex chakra and vice versa.

Important major chakras with respective colours depending on the spiritual energy of the person are as follows-



                 COLOUR OF CHAKRA

Normal Person Spiritual Person Very Spiritual   Person Highly Spiritual Person
Crown Chakra Violet Golden Yellow Golden Yellow White
Ajna / Brow Chakra & Back Ajna Indigo Green Golden yellow White
Throat Chakra & Back Throat Blue Blue Golden Yellow White
Heart Chakra & Back Heart Green Pink Golden Yellow White
Solar Chakra & Back Solar Yellow Amethyst Golden Yellow White
Navel Chakra & Back navel Orange Purple Golden Yellow White
Sex Chakra & Base Chakra at the Back Red White/ silver Golden Yellow White
Root Chakra Red White/ silver Golden Yellow White



chakras on front, back and side founded by prana violet healing with pendulum made of simple thread and tissue paper