“Aura” is the invisible etheric / electromagnetic / energy field which surrounds the human body or an object. Aura is colourful and made up of Prana (energy) . It derives its colours from the light energy that surrounds us just the way the rainbow gets its colours.

It is the combination of all subtle bodies that surround the physical body namely

  • Energy or Etheric body,
  • Astral or emotional  Body
  • Mental Body

ENERGY BODY– It is the 1st level of aura and lies closest to the physical body and any negativity present here will have a stronger impact on the physical health of a person. It contains all information relating to the physical body and its organs like acidity, lack of minerals and vitamins etc. which we can find out using the PHW

ASTRAL/ EMOTIONAL BODY – It is the 2nd level of aura and reflects all our emotions, negative and positive which can be sensed with the PHW. Any disturbance or negativity here can cause psychosomatic problems and will ultimately affect the physical health too.

MENTAL BODY – It is the 3rd level of aura and reflects our strong beliefs, thoughts and convictions which cannot be easily shaken or changed eg  religious fanaticism.


The aura starts from within the physical body and extends outwards thus can be said to interpenetrate the internal body and extending beyond the physical visible body

Animals, plants, fruits, food, water, etc also have an aura, even our planet Earth has an aura of its own.