1. We have NO FEES. All our Teachings and Healings are FREE OF CHARGE. We want to reach out to everyone in suffering and especially looking to help those people who cannot afford expensive medical and other alternative treatments.
  2. We have NO GURUS, we are guided only by GOD and DIVINE ENERGIES.
  3. There is no attunement or initiation of any kind
  4. We connect to the Creator’s Energy  the DIVINE FIRE .We do not imagine any white light
  5. There is no meditation in PVH
  6. Along with Healing our emphasis is on teaching so that every person can at least take care of himself and his near and dear ones.
  7. We follow the Universal LAW OF KARMA. Only when the patient has done Forgiveness, we proceed to heal further. We do not interfere in patient’s karmas but guide him how to balance his past lives’ and present life karmas.
  8. Our Healing works at the Soul level and not the Mind level
  9. We do not follow any books, we teach what has been revealed to us and checked by us with the Wand and also based on our healing experiences and experiences of other people whom we have healed.
  10. There is no Energy Contamination for the Healer as healing is done with PRANA HEALING WAND which will protect the healer from the negative energies of the patient if the Healer follows the Forgiveness schedule. Healer does not use his own energy to heal as healing is done with the energy coming from the Wand
  11. It is a NO TOUCH Therapy, we do not touch the patient under any circumstances. All healing is done at the Aura level.
  12. It is a NO DRUG Therapy, we do not prescribe any kind of medicines but we may advise about food – what to eat and what not to eat after sensing with the Wand
  13. Wand can be safely used in healing pregnant women, new born children and even unborn children
  14. We are not creating any members or groups; we only have volunteers who assist us in organising our workshops and teaching and healing as and when required.
  15. Increasing one’s Spiritual Energy and connecting to God is also a part of our teaching
  16. We are only instruments of God and believe God is using us in doing his work