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  1. Prana Violet Healing is a STRICTLY NO TOUCH Prana Therapy.
  2. Healing is done using the Prana Healing Wand only, there is no use of HANDS.
  3. We DO NOT TOUCH any body part of the patient at all under any circumstances.
  4. We DO NOT SEE any body part to heal it. We do healing at the Energy/ Aura Level only standing at least one foot away from the patient.
  5. Prana Violet Healing is a NO DRUG Therapy. We do not prescribe any type of medicines be it allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic, herbal etc. We only advise about diet.
  6. If a patient shows sign of improvement, we do not advise him to stop or reduce the medicines prescribed by a medical doctor. Patient must always consult his doctor.
  7. We do not take a patient to a separate / secluded place to heal her/ him. Healing is done in front of everyone present.
  8. Neither we go into trance nor do we take our patients into trance for healing.
  9.  We do not ask any patient to accompany us to any religious place/ temple etc.
  10. We do not do any religious rituals or give any objects/ talismans from any religious place. We use only the Prana Healing Wand in our healing.
  11. In case any Souls/ Black Magic is detected you must contact Prana Violet Healing or the volunteers named on the website only.
  12. Nobody has been taught and authorised by Prana Violet Healing to remove Souls or Black Magic Energy. Our volunteers listed on the website will help you to arrange distant healing by Mr. Siva P.
  13. If any person is claiming to do Prana Violet Healing  and you are not comfortable with him and find him breaking rules of NO TOUCH you may refuse to take healing.
  14. Other Modality healers can use Prana Violet Healing along with their healing but please make our above rules very clear to the patient if you follow system of Touch Healing and Black Magic, Spirit Removal etc.

In case of any doubt or clarification or if any healing  information is needed, please Contact Prana Violet Healing or Our Volunteers.