It is a No Touch No Drug Prana Therapy, an energy healing technique so simple and effective that even a child of 5-7 years of age can learn and start healing.

In case the problem faced by a person is the reaction to one’s own karma/ action whether done knowingly or unknowingly in this lifetime or previous lifetimes, unless the person has done forgiveness we cannot heal him. We have a set of Forgiveness Affirmations for this purpose

Spiritual Affirmations are also a part of PVH which help in connecting a person to his higher self, increasing his spiritual Energy and finally connecting his soul to the creator.

 Healing is done using the PRANA HEALING WAND ( PHW ).Wand is a cosmic geometry which  continuously emits prana, the divine energy.

The Wand is used to sense the aura and to detect faults in the person’s aura such as negative energies, cords, presence of negative emotions, souls, entities etc

The Wand can also be used to check the type of diet that would be suitable for person’s physical body so that his health can be improved.

Regular reading of Forgiveness Affirmations and Spiritual Affirmations and regular use of Healing Wand will ensure a healthy body, a clean and healthy aura and increase in spiritual energy.

Prana Violet Healing follows the Universal Law of Karma.

Forgiveness Affirmations are the fundamental basis of PVH.


What Can Be Healed By PVH

 1) Physical ailments like a headache, toothache, stomach ache, period pain etc.  sometimes it takes only 2 minutes to heal above conditions

2) Emotional problems: anger, stress, depression, anxiety, fears, etc

3) Blocks: in relationships, career, prosperity, marriage, conceiving, selling / renting out property etc

4) Psychic attacks: Dark Energy, evil eye, curses, spells, occult energy, black magic, white magic etc

5) Negative energy of  medicines, food, water, tea, coffee etc, crystals and stones, buildings, houses, offices etc can be cleaned

 With this method, we can do self-healing, heal others and also do distant healing.

Three Principles Of Prana Violet Healing

  1. The human body heals itself
  2. The human body needs Prana for its well-being
  3. The presence of Prana will accelerate the healing and well being of the physical and the energy body.


Healing Organs With  Words Of Gratitude & Forgiveness

PVH also teaches how to heal our affected body parts by communicating with them. We must place both our hands on the organ which needs healing and express our love for it. We must ask forgiveness for not taking proper care of it. We must promise to do whatever best is required to heal that body part in terms of diet etc. and also keep that promise.

We must express Gratitude for that organ which has been with us since the day we were born and working tirelessly and selflessly for our well being and good health without us even being aware of it. When we do this the organ feels energised and happy and will start healing at a faster rate.

It is very important for a person to have a basic knowledge about his  internal body and how all systems and organs are functioning. Then one will know for which problem which internal organs has to be healed. When we love and appreciate our body and its working and have gratitude within us,  the body will respond positively and healing will become more effective.